by Leana Day, Sex and Love Guru

break up

When heartbreak strikes after a break up, it can be so devastating that you need to find a way to change your thoughts quickly. Otherwise you may go into convulsions, intense tears, screaming rages, panic or anxiety attacks, and severe heart pain. Feeling emotional pain is the last thing that any of us want, so here are 10 proven fixes to get your thoughts back to chugging away on the happy train.

Break Up Fix #1: Smile for an entire 60 seconds

Stand in front of a mirror and smile for 60 seconds straight, three times in a row, and say, “I love myself! I love myself! I love myself!…” Studies show that smiling for a period of time to yourself will improve your mood and make you feel great. So chin up sister, and start smiling and you’ll get over that break up in half the time!

Break Up Fix #2: Breathe!

Slowly take in 10 deep, lung-enhancing breaths. Start by breathing in through your mouth. Hold it in for five seconds. Then exhale through your nose. Deep breathing techniques are known to be effective in handling depression, anxiety, and stress – all the symptoms of heartbreak after a break up. So breathe, girl, breathe!


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