by Aaron F. Steinberg, Romance Male Mirror

guy begging woman for a relationship

People are waiting longer than ever before to get married and have kids, and in some cases not doing it at all. This is a phenomenon in and of the millennial generation (Generation Y). In the past, it was considered normal to graduate from high school or college and start your career and get married; the generations past didn’t think they needed any time to find themselves and/or they just figured they’d get what they needed along the way.

Presently, many of us don’t really think we’re ready for anything, and maybe that’s true. Maybe life is just a series of events akin to getting thrown in the deep end of a pool and having to sink or swim, and we just have to deal with it being confusing. We want to have our own lives and have ease and freedom and focus on our careers and not have to worry about anyone else, yet underneath it, in the back of our heads, we sometimes feel lonely and want a companion. Yet, we still aren’t able to commit – it might be an excuse, but we are resisting moving forward, and we can’t seem to figure out where to focus our attention.

For people who do not care about marriage or kids, this is not a problem. But for those of us who want love, if we never think we are ready and never actively want a relationship, how will we ever get it? How do we even know when we are ready to give up the freedom and excitement of the single life and move into the companionship and support of a relationship?


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