by Arlene Melendez

how to style ponytail binded ponytail olivia wilde

Wake up, shower, get dressed, tie hair up into a nice, simple ponytail. Does this sound like a familiar routine? If you would like to switch it up and add some personality to your pony, here are 3 simple ways to do so. (There is always time to learn how to get a new, simple & fun hairstyle)


1. How to Style Your Ponytail –  BIND IT

Ponytails do not only have to be sophisticated, they can be fierce too. The bound ponytail is a great way to achieve this look. First, tie your hair into a ponytail (the higher the better). Take the ponytail into your hand and section it off using hair bands (about 2-3 inches away from each other) and viola! A great look for a fierce night out!


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