by Aaron F. Steinberg, Romance Male Mirror

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Chuck Klosterman, social and media critic, often says there is nothing more true than a cliché. Cliché’s become cliché’s because there is a universal truth behind them. But clichés are often overused and seem overly simplified, so we often try to avoid them. In the dating realm, many of us have gotten to thinking that we need to be more clever than the main stream in order to get the partner we want; that we have evolve past the clichés and games into an ultra astute suaveness to stay one level ahead of the curve. All this has done is make interacting with people is immensely confusing.

By now you’ve heard all kinds of conflicting tips about what’s the best way to get a guy’s attention:

* Pretend you don’t like him at all
* Be a total bitch to him
* Be completely forthcoming and honest
* Don’t be completely honest
* Call right away
* Don’t call too soon
* Have sex whenever
* Don’t have sex for three dates (or three months according to Patti Stanger!)

There are also many alleged and conflicting telltale signs of telling whether a guy has relationship potential or not:

* If he doesn’t make you a priority, he doesn’t care and you need to break up
* A guy who isn’t really driven and puts himself first doesn’t have good future potential
* A guy who won’t introduce you to his friends isn’t sure about how much he likes you
* A guy who introduces you to his friends too soon isn’t interested in spending one-on-one time with you

And the list goes on…

Unfortunately, there is no clean-cut answer because relationship scenarios always vary from person to person. But this is where it’s useful to fall back on those dating clichés we’ve worked so hard to avoid.


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