by The Lipgloss Culture Coterie

girl shopping

Tonight’s dinner reservation is only a few hours away and you’re all ready to meet his parents. You found the perfect dress at Ann Taylor and it’s even on sale at 50% off! When you walk up to the cashier, she gives you the “apply for our store card and save 15% off this purchase” pitch. Sounds enticing. You look around and think, “Maybe I can even buy that jacket I saw downstairs.” So you fill out the application and it’s approved on the spot! How convenient.

The cashier gives you a temporary plastic card, which you try to stuff in your wallet, but it doesn’t fit because your little Prada is about to burst from all the other cards, receipts, and unidentifiable junk you have stored in it. “No problem,” you think, because you have a special little pocket in your handbag designated for your new collection of store credit cards. Content with the hundred dollars you just saved (although you had to spend a hundred first), you slip the new plastic in this pocket, where it can now live happily among your other cards from Express, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Banana Republic, and two store names you forgot how to pronounce…

Does this sound familiar? Maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but even so, you may have too many credit cards!


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