4. The Old-Fashioned Hair Cut Remedy

On average, human hair grows 5-6 inches every year. If it’s damaged and has uneven, split ends, you won’t see any of this growth because it will fray off before it has a chance to get longer. Trimming your hair regularly will keep your hair healthy and prevent damaged ends from making their way up the entire length of your hair shaft, causing the whole strand of hair to be unhealthy. Yikes!


5. Good Diet For Good Hair

Sometimes the simplest remedies are the easiest to forget. The best tip for healthy hair is to maintain a healthy diet. A good hair diet will include foods such as whole grains, nuts, carrots, yogurts, broccoli, and a wide assortment of fruits. The minerals and proteins from these foods help your hair grow because hair itself is made of protein. So make sure to feed your hair by including enough protein in your diet.

Hair Trivia:

Hair loss can occur if you don’t get enough sleep, so make sure to get your beauty rest!


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