by Lindsay Vastola, Career Girl’s Confidant

woman quitting job

Let’s face it… if you’re like the millions who seem to be working harder, longer hours, and for pay that seems like it would likely qualify for a sweatshop-operation, you probably can’t stand to hear anymore, “…well, at least you have a job…”  That phrase isn’t really a stress management tip.  It just adds more pressure for you to stay stuck in the stress-mess you are in.

Chances are that you probably are incredibly grateful to be part of the fortunate group that is currently employed, but this should never be grounds for being taken advantage of by your uppers.

So with that being said, the question is: How do you manage the added workload, stay positive and not get caught up in letting the daily grind suck the life right out of you?


Stress Management Tips for Work

1. Drink.

Yes, drink. Water, that is. Water is the best stress-busting elixir on the market. Aim for half of your bodyweight in ounces each day. When you’re working the corporate grind, it can be easy to forget to take trips to the water cooler. Instead, keep a gigantic cup of water or Nalgene bottle by your side to sip on throughout out the day. Water keeps your internal functions working at optimal performance to help you keep satiated and is proven to help you keep your focus. The drawback? You may have to take those frequent trips to the ladies room!


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