5 Ways to Spice Up Your Health

by Stacy Rudman, Princess Fitness


Everything you put in your body matters. Did you know certain spices can help build your immune system, lower cholesterol, help stomach issues, and a lot more? This article touches on a few of the spices that you may want to consider adding to your diet. It explains the benefits and some tips on how to use them in every day recipes.

1. Get Hot And Unbothered With Cayenne

Cayenne is hot and spicy, so start out easy with the amount you use! Cayenne has Capsaicin in it, which is an ingredient that provides the spice and has medical benefits that include pain relief, heart health, and stopping ulcers to develop. It is also known to provide energy and is a thermogenic, which heats up your metabolism to burn fat. Try using a little bit on your bitter greens with lemon or on white fish to add some different flavors.

If Cayenne is too hot for you, try a milder chile pepper such as poblano, chipotle, or jalapeno.


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