by Altamese Osborne

If you’re like the majority of the unemployed population, you’ve probably been looking around for a job for a while, and unfortunately, the job market isn’t what it used to be. Getting that first salaried paycheck is going to be a bit of a challenge, but you’ve got the persistence and skills it takes to get ahead! Instead of being another hapless applicant banished to the bottom of the resume pile, use these six tips to increase your chances of finding your dream job!

How To Find Your First Job:

Tip #1 Get Smart

You won’t swim long in the big pool of job applications, resumes, cover letters and interviews if you don’t have the basic prerequisite for a job, entry-level or higher: a college degree. Companies are looking to see if you fit their specifications exactly, and if you don’t have the basic requirements to get in the door, i.e., a degree, your lovely perfume-scented portfolio will be swept right off their tables and into the trash bin. These days, even a Bachelor’s degree sometimes may not even be enough, as companies in the midst of the recession’s monetary crunch are requiring that their candidates have as much specialized education as possible. Know what that means? You may have to earn your Master’s and even your Ph.D. before you find the job of your dreams.


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