by Liz DiAlto, Fitness Superwoman


If you’re like most people, you probably sit down at a restaurant with every intention of “making a healthy choice” once the hostess drops the menus at your table. From here, three things usually go down (#3 being the most rare of them all!).

1.  You get seduced by things that are creamy and dreamy, fried and salty or just an all out heart attack on a plate, justifying it with this famous line, “I’ll be good tomorrow to make up for it.”

2.  You’re not actually sure what’s healthy or not, so you wager in your head whether the BLT (those chunks of bacon are so small!) or the Taco Salad (the cheese has protein right?!) is a better choice.

3.  You order something grilled with veggies or a salad, sans cheese, bacon, or croutons and “dressing on the side, please” (so you can control the extra liquid calories).

Here are 7 Tips to help you make better choices so that you won’t have to “make up for it tomorrow” or guilt yourself into an extra 30 minutes of cardio!


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