by Marissa Vicario

addicted to caffeine

If you’re anything like most of the world, you suffer from what we call the “desk doldrums,” that inevitable feeling of zapped energy that comes on strong either mid-morning or late afternoon. When exactly the desk doldrums strike is different for everyone but once they hit, they are relentless.

The most common cause of these low energy levels is related to stress – physical, emotional, mental, and chemical. Chemical stress is most often caused by food and the way it affects the body. All food has an energy quality associated with it that affects how we feel when we consume it.

Foods and other substances that may cause sluggishness, include:

- Caffeine
- Coffee
- Soda (even diet)
- Alcohol
- Too much meat or not enough
- Processed foods
- Tobacco
- Milk
- Sugar
- Artificial sweeteners
- Trans fats

Stimulants like caffeine and sugar may initially provide an energy boost but ultimately they require the body to deplete its own store of minerals and nutrients to digest and they often tend to be highly addictive.  Over time, the body can get worn down trying to digest these substances on a daily basis.


Here Are 8 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally

1. Boost Your Energy with Whole Foods

Unprocessed, unpackaged foods contain all the components of their original state, including fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Eat plenty of whole grains, vegetables and beans.

2. Boost Your Energy by Choosing Foods that Are ALIVE

Foods that have a life force are often raw and should be consumed that way when possible.  At the grocery store, select vegetables that are fresh, hydrated and not limp.


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