by Arlene Melendez

woman not eating carbs

With all the changing diet fads out there, many of us have come to treat carbs as our mortal enemy… but they don’t have to be! Before you cringe at the sight of a nice loaf of bread or a hearty bowl of pasta, here is some news for you: Not all carbs are created equally!

Carbohydrates are a type of food required largely in the human diet because of their ability to break down and fuel the body. Within the carb family you’ll find two types: simple and complex.

The difference between the two is that simple carbs require less digestion, essentially granting them the ability to perform like a fast food stop for your body. While complex carbs require more digestion and have their energy released consistently and slowly, making them the equivalent of a three-course meal at a five-star restaurant for your body.

Here’s a little guide to help you distinguish which carbs to indulge in and which to “use sparingly.”


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