by Eve Lampenfeld

Alice and olivia stacey bendet fashion week 2011 nyc new york

Who would have guessed that A + O started off with a pair of Stacey Bendet’s homemade bellbottoms? The Alice and Olivia show for NYC Fashion Week, Spring 2011 was as darling as the heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies they served. Also adorning the space were gilded birdcages, ornate lounge chairs, and silver. Smart and snazzy jackets, messy buns, and red lips accented the scene.

Kelly Rutherford and Tika Sumpter of Gossip-Girl, and Vanessa Hudgens attended. They were mesmerized, along with all the other guests, by the cat-eyed Amazon models showing off intricate craftsmanship on all of the clothing—while standing (or sitting) still. It was a deliciously delicate night.