Carolyn, 29, New York City

A few weeks ago, I ran into an old coworker at a coffee shop, and after chatting for a few minutes, I told her I was single and not really seeing anyone. When she heard that, she almost jumped out of her seat and told me she had the “perfect guy” for me and insisted on setting me up on a blind date with him. This guy was a friend of her fiancé and in his early 30’s. She said he had made a successful career in real estate development, has traveled all over the world, was tall and good looking, and so on and so forth. I told her to give him my number and he called me the next day to invite me out for dinner at a sushi restaurant. He sent me a text message right before our date saying that I would find him by the bar and that he will be easy to spot due to his good looks. A little conceited I thought, but I was still excited.

When I got to the restaurant, there weren’t that many people there so I found him quickly, he introduced himself and we started talking. I was kind of surprised because he was not all that good looking, and I hardly consider 5’8” tall. In about five minutes he switched from polite introductions and started telling me about his recent trip to Africa and all his adventures. This went on and on for half hour and I could barely get a nod in.

We went to our table and ordered a little of food, but he said that he only eats appetizers and not a full dinner at night because he is watching his health and weight (although he was very thin, maybe 145 pounds). Then, for the next hour, he started talking about drinking kale juice, colonics, bikram yoga, and all the things he does to stay in shape. He listed all the things he doesn’t eat and told me that it’s probably not best that I like Italian food so much. I was surprised and irritated by this comment because I am only a size 2 and couldn’t believe I was getting diet advice from someone I just met.

Then he started talking about what he wants in a relationship. I was soooo annoyed with all his talking by now. I am a very social, talkative person, but this guy was just on a roll and I couldn’t get a word in. Anyhow, he starts with his list. “I want someone gorgeous, who takes care of herself, who is loving and fun, and doesn’t eat desert. I want only the best and I am determined to get only that. This is a man’s world and women have to understand that. I prefer a girl who is submissive, but she has to be smart and funny and have graduated from a top school.” He went on with more obnoxious requirements. When the waiter came to us with the desert menu, he said “Are you kidding, we need to keep her figure.”

When the check came, he left it sitting uncomfortably on the table for just way too long and had it open so I could see how much the bill was. After 10 minutes he said “don’t worry, I got it this time,” and pulled out his American Express.

I was ready to run by this point and told him I had to get home right away. As I was leaving he told me, “just to let you know, I am dating a few girls now so you do have some competition, like I said, I really want the best so I want to be very blunt with you from the beginning.” I didn’t say anything and walked away. I got a few text messages from him over the next few days asking me to grab a drink. I’ve been ignoring him and have no desire to see him again. Are there seriously women out there who would see this guy more than once?


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