by Arlene Melendez

girls having fun at bar

After a long and tiring workweek, the first thing on most people’s mind is weekend plans. To some of us, this means unwinding and relaxing at home with our boyfriend and a movie, or perhaps hanging with an intimate group of friends. To others, this means volleying the super-social bar scene.

If super-social is your middle name, here are 3 ways to pump more fun into your night while keeping it lady-like.


Bar Etiquette Tip #1:

A True Lady Tips the Bartender

It is a busy Friday night at your favorite bar and the place is packed. It is time to call the bartender over because you and a couple of friends would like to order your first round of drinks. How do you get the bartender to come over? Well first thing’s first: you do not flag down the bartender with a 20-dollar bill in your hand, it’s rude. Instead, just give a polite wave or nod.

After getting the bartender’s attention, be sure you have the drink you would like in mind. Most importantly, let’s not forget that they are there to make money, so be sure to tip (in bills never coins) after every drink!

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