by Christina Hart

We all know the number one answer when you ask a man what his ideal woman is wearing… “absolutely nothing!” Haha, great answer guys! But believe it or not, there are outfits men love and hate on us. The top response most guys give is that they like a woman who knows how to dress and look good without looking trashy. Read on to dig a little deeper and see what clothes men like on women that get’s their hearts pumping.

skinny jeans

Clothes Men Like On Women for Just Hanging Out

Guys love it when you wear anything comfortable and look good. The off the shoulder t-shirt trend is a big hit, especially for a laid-back look at the bar. So ladies, don’t worry so much about getting all dressed up to go out. Dress it down, and you might just land yourself a new boyfriend.

Clothes Men Like On Women – Top Jean Choice

Tight skinny jeans are the number one jean style men like to see on most women. When wearing skinny jeans, you have to get the right fit. Make sure they’re not too tight or too loose or it will just look awkward and feel really uncomfortable. And make sure they make your butt look good too!

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