little black dress

Clothes Men Like On Women for Going Out – The Little Black Dress

The best thing you can wear on a night out on the town? That little black dress in your closet, aka the go-to look for practically any special occasion. When guys were asked what they most like seeing women in when they’re dressed up, the answer was almost always “a short, black dress”. That’s either their favorite, or they have no idea about fashion. Either way, that works for us. That little black dress flatters a woman’s body beautifully. Alternately, a little white dress is hot too.

Clothes Men Don’t Like On Women – Mismatching & Out-There Outfits

Most guys like long hair over short hair, but when it comes to mismatching and out there outfits, it was half & half. A lot of guys love it, but an equal amount hate it. More guys choose classic and neutral colors over bright patterns and neons. However, the response was generally the same, it depends on the girl and if she is hot enough to pull it off, then it’s okay. Gee, thanks guys.

Clothes Men Like On Women – Favorite Foot Wear

When guys were asked what their favorite typical day shoe for a woman is, sandals were the top choice. And they don’t mean flip flops. Cute sandals are available practically everywhere. When it came to the sexy factor, though, men prefer high heel shoes for sure. They elongate your legs and that cute guy you’re walking in front of just pictured you naked.

 jessica simpson katie perry

Clothes Men Hate On Women – Cowboy Boots!

Most men (not from the South) said that cowboy boots are NOT hot! How ridiculous is that? If Jessica Simpson, fashion mogul and millionaire, wears cowboy boots all the time, how can they say such a thing? She knows better than them, and so do we. Just because men don’t think they’re hot, doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing them. After all, they’re just too damn cute! Your cowboy boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…

Clothes Men Like On Women as Much as We Do

This is their redemption. Most guys love rompers as much as we do! They say girls look cute wearing them. Onezies aren’t just for babies this summer! Just makes sure you get the right fit.

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