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Clothes Men Like On Women – Favorite Swimwear

Go figure, men’s favorite swimwear is the bikini. Sexy one pieces are great, but guys still love seeing you in that bikini. As you know, bikini options are endless. Get the right top and bottom to flatter your shape, and you’ll be set to sizzle this summer.

Hottest Look at the Beach

Surprisingly, the sarong is a big turn-on for men. A bikini top with jean shorts are also a favorite, along with Bohemian dresses. So what you wear to the beach is really your call and what you feel most comfortable and sexy in.

Clothes Men Like On Women – Sleep Wear

When it’s time for bed, different men like different things. Some guys like it when you wear their t-shirt to bed, while other guys like when you hit the hay in just a tank top and underwear. The rest of them, probably most men, prefer sexy lingerie… unless you’re completely naked, of course!

Clothes Men Like On Women – Favorite Undies

When it comes to what we wear underneath our clothes, men’s top choice is boy shorts! Oh, really?! Thongs are a second favorite, but boy shorts beat them by a long shot. Thongs are better to wear during the day so the panty line isn’t visible through your pants. But when it comes time to get frisky, this is his favorite underwear on you.

Your Style Is What Matters

Just because guys love or hate an outfit on you doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing it… they still wear their dingy old baseball cap and basketball jersey that we hate sometime too. In the end, your personal style is what matters. Guys want to see you wearing something that flatters your body and looks good without looking too inappropriate. Men are strange creatures, but so are we women. While they may not love all of our crazy fashion trends, the important fact is that they love us!




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