by Aaron F. Steinberg, Romance Male Mirror


woman with two guys

As if the procedure of dating wasn’t difficult enough in and of itself, there just had to be all of these different people with different thoughts about just about every dating topic. While we all seem to intuitively understand the concept of “the relationship,” we all also seem to have variable ideas about what one means to us. Ostensibly, the goal of dating is to meet someone who you feel like you could enter into commitment with, and possibly spend the rest of your life with — But even commitment can be understood in various ways as some people have open relationships. And this is exactly the point. We want to date a bunch of people so we can finally find true love, yet we feel bad about seeing multiple partners at the same time and don’t want to “break up” with any one of them. Moreover, everyone seems to have different opinions about what the dating rules are and whether it’s right or wrong to see two or more people at once, and everyone seems to have very personal reasons why it’s right or wrong. Do we go with efficiency, or giving each partner a long, legitimate shot?


Are there dating rules?