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How to deal with difficult in-laws, or your boyfriend‘s family if you are not married, is a tricky question. If they live out of town and rarely visit, it may be possible to suck it up here and there. But what if his mother is involved in every aspect of your life and lives around the corner? What if she calls every five minutes?

One thing to keep in mind is that your husband or boyfriend is stuck with the family he has and if you plan on staying together, so are you. You’ve got a finite amount of physical and emotional energy and good communication is key to staying balanced in a good relationship. If something is bothering you, talk to your partner about it.

Set boundaries when his family is and isn’t invited into your lives so that they do not interfere with your happiness. Don’t assume you’re on the same page until you talk about it, because if you’re not, there may be other issues that need to be resolved. Once everything is out in the open, it’s much easier to enforce those boundaries and channel energy into other aspects of your romantic relationship.

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