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woman sweeping the floor

Do you absolutely dread household chores? Is your kitchen floor getting a little sticky? Well, before you start complaining, here’s a suggestion:

Put on some of your favorite music and pick up the Swiffer Sweeper. Use Cleaning as Part of Your Workout Routine! After running it across your kitchen floor, do 25 front lunges on each leg. Sweep some more and repeat with 25 side lunges for each leg. Finish up the floor with 25 back lunges on each leg. Now wipe down one side of the kitchen counter and do 10 pushups. Wipe the other side and do 15 more.

Half an hour later your kitchen looks so much cleaner, you are in a good mood, and you just had a mini power workout. Way to go! Now get your vacuum ready so your living room is clean when you do 30 crunches, and 20 side sit-ups…


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