by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

girl running down hill

We dream as kids – of meeting Prince Charming, getting many of the things we see on TV, etc. As we get older, we still have dreams, but they can seem more like fantasies if we haven’t made any come true. Eventually dreaming stops if it seems futile. Then bitterness or cynicism can dampen or extinguish happiness. I stand as an example that you can live your dreams if you choose to!

Do you live passively or on purpose? Waiting for things to happen doesn’t help turn dreams into reality. Use your power to live on purpose! What does that mean? Get in touch with what you’d like to do and consciously go after it. The more things you try, the more chances of finding what makes you happy. Achieving what you wish for is very empowering.

I talked about going to Alaska for years. And years. I’ve had good excuses for not going. But because I talked about my dream regularly, it was on the tip of my thoughts when I decided to do something special for me. I could have made excuses for the next 10 or more years but then it hit me. If kept putting it off, I’d never go.

So without time for second-guessing or giving into my doubts, I booked a flight. It was a spontaneous move that I’m grateful for making. Alaska was an experience of a lifetime! My dream exploded on that trip. I took risks and did things I’d never done. Each fear became a challenge to get past it and do something wonderful… I had 18 days filled with beauty, adventure and tons of fun—fun—fun that I’ll never forget.

Fear makes you cop out of doing what you’d like – leaving dreams in your bed. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Often, the worst that will happen is you may have to wait for what you want, or change direction. If you start by taking small steps toward something you desire, you can reach it.


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