by Stacy Rudman, Princess Fitness

woman stretching at desk

Whether it’s one day or a whole week of your life getting hectic, going to the gym always seems to get pushed further and further down your to-do list. So I’ve put together 5 total body exercises to do at your desk when no one else is looking so you can continue to feel fit. They are quick and effective to keep you in tip-top shape and manage a beautiful life-work balance, even during the crazy times.


1. Exercises To Do At Your Desk – Abs Twist

Core strength naturally lifts your posture and confidence, so having solid abs is a solid way to help you feel your best.

Abs exercises are easy to do at your desk; simply hold a filled water bottle at chest level (you can hold the water bottle close or far away from your chest). Keep your knees and hips forward and gently twist to the left as far as you comfortably can, feeling the abs contract. Twist back to center and move to the left for a total of 10-12 reps. Now switch to the right for 10-12 reps.


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