by Katherine Karr

Fall has arrived and it’s time to turn in your summer sophistication to make some feisty fashion forward statements. When deciding what to wear think camo, maxi skirts, skirts with slits, lace, choker necklaces, mustard colored clothing, faux fur, bell-bottoms, and menswear. Here’s our Fall 2011 Style Guide to help you hype up your wardrobe.


camo maxi skirt bell bottoms

Fall 2011 Style Guide – Camo

Camo is in this fall. Imagine yourself as a guerrilla girl, going into unforeseen territory in this hot print. You will be very popular among men in this military get-up. Pair it with lace-up black hiker ankle boots for the best look.

Fall 2011 Style Guide – Maxi Skirts

The 60s Bohemian style is another theme this fall. Maxi skirts give an outfit a nice feminine quality. Go for a tight top that is belted or cinched in at the waist. If you don’t happen to live in a warm place, add a cropped denim jacket or sweater to complete the look. For shorter women, you can add a pair of heels to keep the skirt from dragging. Or try a bootie with some indie flair to complete the look. This outfit will make sure you get a double take as you’re walking down the street.

Fall 2011 Style Guide – Bell-Bottoms

Hello 60s and, guess what, Hello 70s too! If your mom still has bell-bottoms in her closet, now’s your chance to borrow them. So go ahead and bring your disco diva back to life in these. They look good with a tight-fitting sweater and loafers or a leather jacket and a collared shirt.


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