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Cha An New York Restaurant

Did you know that matcha tea contains nearly 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and is believed to help improve mental alertness, prevent cancer, heart disease, and promote weight loss among other benefits?

Cha An is known for its enormous list of teas and desert selections, like the chocolate raspberry soufflé or the black sesame crème brulee. Besides sweets there are also quite a few healthy appetizer and main course options on the menu.

Relatively inexpensive, Cha An appetizers range around $7 and its daily lunch specials are around $10. The portions are on the smaller side, and will leave you satisfied but not overly stuffed. The atmosphere is peaceful and harmonious.

Must try:

Tea smoked salmon, 15-grain rice and daily vegetables

Don’t miss:

With around 30 different teas to choose from, the Twelve Tea oolong, the Yinzhen Silver Needle white tea  and the Matcha Latte tend to be the favorites.



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