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If you are looking for a quick menu with a multitude of fresh lunch items, this is the place to go. Go Go Fresh Food Cafe is located on the west side of Miami Beach and offers some of the best salads, ranging from Protein Steak to Vegan. When you see items like quinoa on the menu, you know you’re in a healthy place.

Unlike most places, Go Go offers options to satisfy either big or small appetites with their mini salad options for around $5 each. They also cater to large groups, which is great for an office meeting or a lunch party.

Must Try:

- Go Go Pies – light pastry wrappers filled with premium ingredients and baked to order; only $2.25 each, with 20 different healthy pie options to choose from

- Shrimp Mini Salad – made with garlic shrimp, green peas and hearts of palm

If you must have something sweet:

- Dulce de leche & blackberries mini pie



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