by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

naked woman looking in mirror

I’ve had clients moan about how fat they are in their size 2, 4 or 6 bodies. They’re so hard on their view of themselves. Many women see themselves in a distorted mirror that magnifies every bit of excess skin, pound, and cellulite dimple and minimizes their wonderful qualities. “Fat! Fat! Fat!” is what those mirror radiate.

Each comparison to someone thinner — each person who comments negatively on your weight — each time you look in the mirror and notice some cellulite — each negative view of your body makes self-esteem go down another notch.

People feel too fat, too skinny, too pale, too dark, too frizzy-haired, too straight-haired, too bald, too flat-chested, too voluptuous, too bottom heavy, too top heavy, too—too—too! VERY few people are satisfied with how they look. The quest for perfection is strong, yet impossible. We focus on what we don’t like instead of the good qualities we have.

Nobody begins life with good self-esteem. It develops, or not, as you grow and create your self-perception. Unfortunately, many outside factors can dampen even the brightest intentions of loving yourself as you are. I meet few people with a truly good self-image, and confidence about their appearance. Why do we judge ourselves so harshly?? Why do we think we’re fat when we’re just not perfectly thin?


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