Samantha, 26, Costa Mesa, CA

John and I just went through another break up. This time I swore it was final. We fight all the time and every time we get back together after a break up it gets even worse. We have really grown apart over the last few years, but it has been very hard to let go of one another because we have been dating for over five years. Last month I really starting thinking more seriously about my life and feel that John does not appreciate me enough and will not be ready to get married any time soon. I told him that unless things really change we have to break up for good. He told me he agreed and last week we chose to part ways. I moved all my stuff out of his house and promised myself to move on.

This weekend I received over a hundred phone calls from my “ex” and he basically slept outside my apartment. He keeps telling me that he feels revelations about our relationship and that he promises things will change. He says I am the one and that it’s different this time. He says he wants to get married and that  he had a lot of time after last week to think about our future and that he loves me too much to let go. I love him too, but I am really tired of breaking up and the back and forth. I wish he would just let go and move on. It would make this break up a lot easier. I would love to have a future with him, but every time we get back together he forgets everything he told me and I just get even more annoyed with him. What should I do?


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