by Monica Link

Bergdorf Goodman

As the state of the economy continues to fluctuate from day to day, many people stick to discount stores in fear of spending money. But all hope for designer fashion is not lost! With so many promotions in place at even the high-end stores, there are ways to feed your inner fashionista without emptying your savings account. Here are tips to help you get the most out of your luxury shopping experience and have money left over to treat yourself to a cool cocktail afterwards.

Tips For In-Store Shopping

No matter what retailer you go to, follow these 3 simple rules to get your high-end fashion fix for knock-off prices:

1. Always find the sale and clearance section.

2. Get to know the sales staff and they will tell you when upcoming sales are scheduled and when items typically get marked for clearance; some associates will put you on an email list or even call you for special events.

3. Visit the retailer’s website; many of them put their best deals online.

Bergdorf Goodman

High chandeliers and doormen at the entry can make this store especially intimidating. The New York City store is full of brass and glass mirrors and smells of expensive fragrances. The good news for us satchel savvy women is that we can find great deals here. Bergdorf’s fragrances and makeup are well priced and make the experience worthwhile. Find the best deals online at

Saks Fifth Avenue

The beautiful layout of a Saks store can make even a big spender clutch her handbag a little tighter. Saks stores are huge, and the most expensive items tend to be placed in the front of every department. The key to finding designer deals at Saks is to take your time and walk around the entire store. Last time I was at the Manhattan Saks, an excited woman jumped into the elevator bragging about the $20-something dollar dress she just snatched.


Whenever you enter Nordstrom, always go to the second level. That’s where many of the clearance items are hiding. From Juniors to fuller figured women, you can easily find many items at 50-70 percent off the regular price. Shirts can start $9.99, and even designer dresses can go as low as $29.99. Get on their mailing list at and you’ll find even more amazing deals.


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