by Morgan Young

epsom salt crystals

Believe it or not, Epsom salt may be able to solve all of our beauty problems!  Well, ok, not all of them, but it is an inexpensive, go-to ingredient for many home spa treatment recipes.

Epsom salt, which consists of magnesium sulfate, is something most of us associate with our grandparents’ medicine cabinet. But in fact, it can be used to improve the beauty of your skin and help you relax at the same time. In addition to adding it to your beautifying home spa treatment recipes, Epsom salt can also help soothe muscle aches and pains.

As an alternative to pricy and luxurious bath beads and salts, Epsom salt can be found at a local grocery store or pharmacy, and it’s super cheap. Who doesn’t love to relax while saving money?! Here are some quick, easy ways to beautify yourself and create your own home spa treatments using Epsom salt.


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