by Arlene Melendez

just rolled out of bed

Does your boyfriend look like he just rolled out of bed every time you see him? Here are a couple ways to get him to dress better – and keep you from sneaking into his apartment and making a bonfire with those clothes you hate.

1. The Passive Aggressive Approach

When trying to get your boyfriend to dress better, it is best to first approach the situation in a very passive aggressive manner to spare his feelings. If you hurt his confidence, you would be taking two steps back instead of forward since his ego may be hurt and you will then have to do damage control before making any progress.

Avoid phrases such as: “I can’t believe I am dating someone who dresses like this,” or “Babe, you look like you just rolled out of bed,” which don’t give any constructive guidelines for how to improve his style.

Instead, compliment him on his appearance when he is dressed well. Be encouraging by saying things that give him the ego boosts men feed off of like, “Wow, when you look this great I can hardly contain myself” or “The way you look in that shirt and those jeans makes me want to do naughty things to you.”

This will surely boost his confidence and give him incentive to want to look like that more often. Honestly, who doesn’t like hearing that they look hot?! If you have a particular article of clothing you hate – like those old ratty, sweat-stained tee-shirts he likes to wear around the house or those gross basketball shorts – compliment him on any changes he makes that involve those pieces. Remember, be very discerning about the comments you make to him so as not to blow your mission. Avoid saying anything overly cheesy and obvious.


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