Sharon, 28, Seattle, WA


My husband and I got married about two years ago. When we met, I was working very long hours as a nurse at the hospital. When he proposed, he told me that once we get married he didn’t want me to work anymore. He told me he would rather have me concentrate on making a home for us and being a stay-at-home wife.

We didn’t live together before we got married, so this was a new experience for us. The few months were really exciting. We were newlyweds and I was ecstatic that I had so much free time for gardening, cooking, fitness, reading, etc. while he was at work. This is exactly the type of marriage I always wanted to have.

After about six months, my husband started suggesting that I find a part time job. He said it would be good for me to keep my brain sharp and that I was spending too much time at home. Although I disagreed with him and thought we agreed that I stay home after we got married, he started being more persistent about this new idea.

Now he is starting to question the things I buy for myself even though we have enough money to afford what I spend. He said the other day that we would be happier if we were both contributing to the household and that it would make our marriage stronger. I am angry that he is going back on his promise and is no longer committed to being the sole breadwinner for our family. I have no desire to get a job. But we fight constantly over this. What should I do?


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