Alina, 21, Los Angeles

I recently moved back home in with my parents. I had been living in San Francisco for a couple semesters and ended up dropping out and moving back down to L.A. Naturally, I got in touch with some of my old friends from high school. I’ve been hanging out with one friend in particular a lot lately and I’m starting to like him. I keep wondering, does he like me back? But I’ve been getting mixed signals from him and I just can’t tell.

The other day he suggested going out to go watch a movie. I was really excited to hang out with him, and it sounded like he was inviting me out on a date. When he called me to confirm plans, he told me that a few of his buddies were going to join us. I was a little disappointed, but still wanted to see him, so I agreed to go. After we got off the phone, I realized that the name of one of his friends sounded really familiar. The more I thought about it, I finally realized that it was a guy I had a crazy one-night stand with the week after graduation. It was almost 4 years ago, and we never had a relationship outside of that. I didn’t want to show up and have things be super awkward, or worse, have the guy talk behind my back, so I called my friend back and told him that I couldn’t make it. I said I was really sorry and promised to take a rain check. Ever since then, I’ve tried a few times to make plans to spend time with him, but he hasn’t followed through.

Now I wonder if he found out that I hooked up with his friend a long time ago and lost interest. Or maybe he’s annoyed that I flaked last time? Things feel different but I don’t know what changed. Did I completely blow any chance of us ever dating?


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