Emily, 31, New York

My husband is in the digital marketing business and was recently promoted to be head of marketing for his department. We were both really excited about the opportunity and the financial prospects of the position. We weighed the pros and cons and although the new role would involve being on the road much more and a higher work load, we decided this was a good step for our future. We are thinking to starting a family next year and the extra money would provide us with a very good comfort cushion.

What I didn’t realize it that my husband would be gone ALL the time. He started his new role about six months ago and at first he didn’t travel much, but last month he was home a total of four days!! All the other times he has been in Europe, Asia, all over the world basically.

This past weekend, his company had an annual party for management level employees. I went with him and had a chance to meet some of the people he works with. There were quite a few women there, very attractive women! He works with closely with one of them and they travel together quite a bit. I am shocked that he expects me to be ok with this. Even when he travels, I can barely reach him as he with “clients” after work and I only get him by text. Even then he doesn’t reply all the time. Next week he is going to Paris for a conference. I asked him if I could come with him, and at least spend time in the city while he is out working, but he said it would be too much of a distraction. I didn’t get married to be married to myself while my husband travels all over the world with a woman associate. I had no idea this new position came with such an extreme cost. If he is not cheating now, he is bound to at some point. What do I do?

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