by Eve Lampenfeld
Video by Stephen Shadrach
Photography by Maggie J Photography
Ivana Helsinki Fashion Week 2011 fall winter collection mercedes benz
Finnish brand Ivana Helsinki ended 2011 Fall/Winter Fashion Week with a flurry of dark-toned, textured velvety garments and patchwork knee-high boots. These were a notable departure from the Spring/Summer 2011 line, characterized by nautically or florally themed frocks paired with Mary Janes. In Fall/Winter of 2011, strong shoulders and boat necklines will be emphasized.

During the show, Helsinki’s models burst down the runway with smoldering, dark cat-eyed fierceness, adding an ethereal 1960’s feel. In contrast to the stick-straight Spring/Summer hair, the Fall/Winter models were abuzz with beehived coiffures as they paraded against a snowy winter video.

A recent mainstream fashion debutant, Ivana Helsinki, created by founder-sisters Paola and Pirjo Suhonen, gained a lot of publicity in 2008 through a collaboration with Topshop. The Helsinki brand remains distinctly European with its boldly cut lines. While calf-length dresses are still this fashion line’s trademark, just-under-the-knee boots and generally darker colors like forest green, mauve, and jet black replaced the bright colors and sailor stripes of last season’s show.


Eve Lampenfeld is a design writer, photographer, and a former fashion intern.  She has 232 pairs of shoes!


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