by Samantha Stollenwerck

woman playing guitar

Bottom line: its awesome to be artsy.

Accessing your creative self is one of the greatest things you, as a woman, can do. By giving yourself permission to get out of your comfort zone and express yourself, you not only are positively affecting your work, relationships, health and self-confidence levels, you also could be discovering an amazing new side of you that you never thought you had!

We live in world where everyone feels they have to be perfect at everything. If we sing out of key, if we’ve never drawn a picture or written a poem and aren’t living a creative life, then what’s the use of starting now? When you give yourself permission to just create, regardless of what ends up on the drawing board, that is when you are truly stepping it up as the authentic, amazing woman you are. This new trust in yourself can translate into all parts of your life, and before you know it you are your very own Renaissance woman.

As our dear friend Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist,” so how do we remain artists once we grow up? Here are some tips for any girl to get into her own creative flow and truly surprise herself with what she can do!


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