doubtful confused woman

Trusting your choices takes practice. You’ll eventually feel more comfortable. Start out by making the choice you’d like first and then seeing what someone you trust thinks. Inability to make decisions adds to feeling powerless.

Here are 12 ways to identify what makes decisions tough to face and how to be more decisive:

1. Identify what scares you about choosing. Often you’ll see that whatever holds you back can be dealt with to get past it. If you’re just concerned about pleasing others, step back and ask yourself what you think first. What’s the worst that can happen from making my choice?

2. Don’t dwell on worst-case scenarios. They’re usually much worse than real outcomes. If you think of something awful, consider how likely it really is for it to happen.

3. Ask, “Am I concerned about pleasing someone?” You must practice making decisions that at least take you into serious account, one choice at a time. Being aware that this is one of your motivations helps!

4. Picture both sides. List pros and cons of each choice. Then use logic to choose. Always ask yourself first, “What do I REALLY want?”

5. Don’t blow the decision out of proportion or make any decision too important. Very little is do or die. I see people get so worked up over having to make a decision when the possible outcomes don’t merit all the anxiety. Keep it in perspective.

6. Tap your intuition. Your first thoughts are often right. Practice thinking about the first choice that comes to you instead of overanalyzing what to do.

7. Do affirmations to boost confidence. “I trust myself to make a good choice.” It can help settle you down.


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