by Aaron F. Steinberg, Romance Male Mirror

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Everyone loves Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger’s rules for dating. But I could always feel an intuitive issue with the Patti Stanger romance rules, and until now I couldn’t figure out why.

I was writing an online dating review for Lipgloss Culture with Sally Hope, and I realized one thing that makes online dating so great is that we know before going into the date that certain romance “deal breakers” are not going to be on the table. We can get a general idea of what someone is about from their profile (assuming they’re not lying). While there may be some superficial things in their profile that we don’t agree on, we can see right off the bat how they feel about religion, kids, etc. And this is helpful. It lets us see whether there is potential for a good relationship.


Do the Patti Stanger Rules Work?