Marona, 21, Raleigh, NC

I’ll be honest. I don’t have the best relationship with my sister. She is my half sister actually. She is about three years older than me and we are just different people. We’ve learned how to get along for the most part and have some friends in common. We are now both living in the same house, as I am going to college close to home and she working with my parents with our family business and living at home as well.

I have been really upset with her lately because every time she meets a new guy friend or date of mine, she starts telling embarrassing childhood stories about me, flirting with my guy friends and even her body language changes and becomes inappropriate.

I’ve tried talking to her, but she gets very defensive and tells me that I have no respect for the fact that she is my older sister. Two days ago a guy friend of mine came over and she came into my room dressed in a mini skirt and started talking to and flirting with him and telling him that she is concerned I am not studying enough. I wish she would just leave me a lone and stay out of my business.


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