by Carol Allen

online dating computer internet

One of the greatest inventions in modern history is online dating.  Think about it – no longer do you have to rely on friends to match you up, the good but often misguided intentions of your mother to find you a date, or the hope of a chance encounter with a handsome stranger you’ll lock eyes with across some crowded room… somewhere… Now there’s a way to actually take matters into your own hands and have easy access to an amazingly high number of other singles also looking for love, without so much as leaving home.

So, if online dating is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it?

In my experience of talking to thousands of American singles and reading online dating reviews, a few common but damaging beliefs stop many of them from trying online dating or from having any success at it if they do. The following six excuses are among the most common and potentially most “love-blocking.”

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