Myth #1: The one for me wouldn’t be online dating


online dating couple
This objection typically comes from the more romantic, starry-eyed types who’ve picked out their children’s names (you know – the ones they haven’t given birth to yet), and know every detail of the wedding they’re gonna have (down to what color Jordan Almonds they’ll give as party favors) because they’ve imagined the way dating should be so many times since second grade.

These singles have a notion that the story of how they’ll meet their beloved is critical to their romantic happiness somehow, not realizing that many people who don’t online date or use dating services have banal, ho-hum “how we met” stories, too – such as bumping into each other at a laundry mat, meeting in line at the post office, or being in adjacent cubicles at work – basically, these people are on a constant search for signs of true love. This excuse falls under the heading of “making stuff up” and is a shame because the romantic part of a love story isn’t the “cute meet” it’s the “how we fell in love” part, and by not online dating they’re missing out on maximizing the odds of that happening.