by Arlene Melendez

soaking feet in flowers

Spending anywhere from $25-50 every time you would like your feet to look great can really take a toll on your funds. Why not do it yourself instead? Here are some money smart pedicure ideas for how to do it yourself at home so you can feel beautiful and keep your toes looking great!


Pedicure Ideas – Step 1: Soak

Although often skipped, the first step in this at home pedicure, soaking, is essential for achieving a salon quality pedicure. Remove any traces of old nail polish from toes using a non-acetone polish remover, as it is less drying to the nails and cuticles. Fill a basin with warm water and add ¼ a cup of Epsom salt as well as a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils. Some great oils to add are tea tree oil, to keep away stinky bacteria, and peppermint oil, to freshen your feet. These can all be found at your local pharmacy.

If you’re really in the mood to pamper yourself, throw in some flower pedals! It is important to soak your feet in order to soften dead skin cells in preparation for exfoliation. Besides, it’s a perfect way to unwind!


Pedicure Ideas – Step 2: Shape

Trimming and shaping your toe nails is very important in keeping painful ingrown nails away and making your feet look great. Start off by trimming your nails straight across. Next smooth the edges down with a gentle nail file. File in one direction instead of sawing back and forth to avoid splitting of nails. Once they are all shaped, apply cuticle oil like the Essie apricot oil ($8, onto your cuticles and massage it in for about thirty seconds and soak in water to soften your cuticle. Lightly, push back your cuticles while they are still moist and clean under the edge of your nails using a pedicure stick ($4, Please do not dig too deep, you aren’t looking for gold! Finally, apply a little more oil onto the nails and buff them with a block to make them really smooth.


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