by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

female director
Life isn’t filmed on black and white reel. You choose how to color what you see and do. Your life can be sprinkled with color, or pixeled in sephia; it’s entirely up to you. Remember when you were little and loved to color? Just like a child brings a coloring book page to life with crayons, your thoughts color your world. It’s your choice what colors you want to use on your palate. So stop letting other people program how you view your life, and start coloring your world with bright hues!

That creates a more positive perception of your and your circumstances.

Did you ever adjust the color of a TV set? You turn the dial one way and the colors get brighter and more vibrant. Go the other direction and it gets washed out or not there. That’s what perception does to you thoughts! YOU control the dials. Perception allows you to choose your reality; to color it positive or negative.


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