by The Lipgloss Culture Coterie

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Creating and planning a wedding budget can be a lot of work! So, you’re engaged!  Congratulations!  All your family and friends have seen the engagement ring – either in person, on Facebook, through the pictures you sent via your iPhone, or all of the above.  Now comes the fun part: It’s time to start planning your wedding day!  As the bride, most of the wedding planning will be up to you, so realistically don’t count on your husby-to-be for too much help.  Also, as a word of advice to protect your sanity – it’s usually not a good idea to make his mother your planning partner.  If you disagree, try it out for a day and you will quickly see why…

So, first thing’s first:

How you will be paying for the big day is probably the most important question to answer before planning your wedding budget.  Once you’ve got this figured out, start creating a reasonable budget range that you and your fiancé feel comfortable with.  Also, if you’re planning a honeymoon, don’t forget to include this in your total cost.  Now let’s start planning!

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