by Angela Andaloro

women gossiping

Everywhere you look, women are holding their own professionally. Recent studies show that girls and women are graduating from high school and college in record numbers, more than boys and men. They are making better grades than their male counterparts. They are even closing the wage gap. All over, women are running their own businesses, buying their own homes and making their own money. Beyonce, the queen of overachieving women, said it best: Girls run the world.

With every independent step we take, we inch closer and closer to busting the Susie Homemaker myth and making the glass ceiling extinct. However, as the “old boys club” becomes obsolete, it has surprisingly cleared the way for an “old girls club,” where competition and cattiness among women is increasing. Instead of supporting each other in our bold, independent endeavors as upwardly mobile women, many of us are tearing each other down. If you have given, received or been in the unfortunate company of women who dish out catty vitriol, here are some ways to stop the self-defeating cycle of cattiness among women.


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