by Aaron F. Steinberg, Romance Male Mirror

frustrated woman online dating

“I would never want anyone to know I met someone online. If we keep dating, I’m going to tell people we met at this concert instead.” This is what Rebecca said to me on our first date after meeting on

“I completely agree. It’s a deal.” I responded.

What Rebecca expressed is a fairly common viewpoint. Online dating has its benefits of helping us expand our dating pool while we manage our busy lives, but there are still downsides and social taboos that come with it.

Even people who are willing to try online dating don’t necessarily want others to know they are doing it. From a guy’s perspective, there is potentially more at stake. What many women many not realize is that men and women are online for different reasons. Guys may be online to date and sleep around, but when it comes to marriage we still want to tell our parents and grandparents that super cute story about how we met the woman of our dreams while walking out of the grocery store, helped her pick up her fruit, locked eyes, and some 80’s love music came on as we slowly exchanged star-struck hellos.

Unfortunately, this fairy tale almost never happens. So the bold ones among us venture online to try to create our own fairy tale. But whose fairy tale do we end up creating?


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