by Taila O’Neal

ugg australia

Boot, boots, everywhere boots! One of the best parts of winter is zipping, pulling or lacing up a pair of fashion’s best accessories: boots. There are a lot of stylish varieties out there, but as we all know, many of them just aren’t that comfortable and leave you counting the days until you can bring out your flip-flops again. So we went out on a mission to find some cutie boots that your feet will like too. Here are 6 sassy styles even Nancy Sinatra would sing about.


1. Ugg Australia Boots

Uggs started off as a craze and have worked their way into a classic. If you live in an area where the climate gets pretty cold, Uggs are probably already your BFF. But the best thing about Uggs is that you can wear them year-round because they keep your feet cool and warm at the same time. They come in fun colors, finishes, and heights. Walking in these boots is comparable to walking in slippers lined with fuzzy, fluffy cotton. Sounds dreamy, right?

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