by Aaron F. Steinberg, Romance Male Mirror

tired couple

Remember when we were in college, and our older friends (maybe even our parents) told us that they are very much in love with their partner and have a romantic life, when they actually have time for romance and intimacy, that is, but time is a commodity and quality time in a relationship proportionately decreased over the last few years (decade(s)) due to being too tired and busy for it.

Wait… what was that? People are actually too tired for quality time and intimacy??!

Who can believe that there might come a point in life when something as dumb as not getting enough rest or working too much would possibly get in the way of one of the most awesome parts of life!

Well ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, being too tired for nurturing your relationship happens to the best of us.

There is a valid argument, which I have sometimes made, that once the quality time and intimacy goes from a relationship, you need to reassess what kind of relationship are you really in… platonic?

If your gripping desire toward your partner is waning, could it be that your emotional connection has depleted?