by Sophie Sakima

girls fighting bad roommates angry roommate

Relationships are minefields; even the best relationships can suffer periods of fighting and discord while people figure out each other’s boundaries.  In the grand scheme of things, romantic relationships have the greatest risks and the greatest rewards.  Every family also has stories of epic battles, frosty grudges, and simmering resentments over who finished the peanut butter during that summer vacation.  Ask any woman with a really close female friend that she’s had for years if it’s always been smooth sailing, and she’ll shatter your dreams of platonic female bliss.  It doesn’t exist.

There is only one other category of relationship that carries such heavy potential for disaster or domestic bliss – roommates.  For every story of the perfect roommate who did all the cleaning in exchange for bottles of wine, there is a nightmare of destroyed property, slamming doors, and last minute real estate searches.

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