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Video by Lindsay Vastola
Looking for a quick bite? Cereal, protein and snack bars are always a great healthy snack option – that is, when you pick the right ones. Not all snack bars were created equally. Most of them are less balanced and nutritious than we may think. In fact, a lot of the ones that claim to be healthy, are loaded with sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients.

What to look out for in cereal bars:

- look for the least amount of ingredients
- if sugar is the second or third ingredient, skip to the next cereal bar
- if you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients, don’t eat it
- if most of the fat comes from saturated fat, its not a good option


VIDEO: Healthy Snacks – Worst and Best of Cereal Bars


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Lindsay Vastola, the “Career Girl’s Confidant,” is a corporate manager, turned entrepreneur.  She is the founder of Body Project Fitness ( in Central New Jersey, and specializes in designing lifestyle programs for success-driven career women.  Her passion is to inspire women to go for greater success and look damn good while they’re at it!



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